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MSU Libraries now produces podcasts! A podcast is an audio and/or video file that is distributed on the Internet via RSS feeds that you can subscribe to and collect through the use of a RSS reader or aggregator. Once loaded into your reader, a podcast can be played on your computer or transferred to your MP3 player.

MSU Libraries podcasts include "This Week @ Your Library," a weekly newscast; a virtual tour of Mitchell Memorial Library; and departmental virtual tours. To learn more about podcasts and subscribe to our podcasts, go to http://library.msstate.edu/media/.

New guide to MSU Libraries' mobile resources

The new Mobile Resources research guide is intended to help MSU Libraries users find mobile applications and websites that will help them do research at MSU Libraries, get around campus and enjoy their time at MSU.

The guide includes:

  • Handy icons to denote the type of device each application works with
  • Links to MSU Libraries' mobile apps, including the mobile website, research guides, and library video and audio tours
  • Mobile-optimized databases
  • MSU transit maps
  • MSU Athletics' mobile apps
  • Barcode/QR code scanner apps
  • Apps to help users read ebooks, find new things to read, and catalog their personal libraries
  • And more!

Visit http://guides.library.msstate.edu/mobile to get started!

Library Tour…?

YES! You can now take a tour of Mitchell Memorial Library, the main branch library of the Mississippi State University Libraries, by using your smartphone, Wi-Fi MP3 player, or by downloading the audio to any MP3 player. Here's how:

Try it now! These codes take you to the YouTube page or the list of audio files avalable for the tour.

Camera + QR Reader
If your device has a camera and you can download apps, search your app store or marketplace for a QR Reader. Run the QR app and scan the codes on the Library Tour signs to watch or listen to the tour.

Enter URLs in your Internet Browser
Entering the URLs in your device's Internet browser will take you to the Library's YouTube page or a page that lists the avaliable audio files. These URLs are the same on each sign, so bookmark the page for future use, or to continue your tour at a later date.

Download the MP3s to your device
Like any other MP3, the audio tour can be downloaded and saved to your MP3 player. Visit the Tour page and right-click on the MP3 you want to save. Choose "save link as" or "save target as" and save the file in your music folder. Import it into iTunes and sync your device or move it to your MP3 player, plug in your headphones, and start your tour!

Podcast of Library tour now available!

Photo of Mitchell Memorial Library

Want to know more about Mitchell Memorial Library? If so, then download the podcast of our newly revised walking tour and let us guide you through each floor of the library. Along the way, you will gain a better understanding of the range of resources and services available to the MSU community. You can download the entire tour or walk through each floor separately. Click on the links below to download the files, and then copy them to your MP3 player.

For questions or comments please contact Thomas La Foe at tlafoe@library.msstate.edu.

MSU Libraries Meets Patrons Online

This fall, students, staff, and faculty will find Mississippi State University Libraries in more places than simply on MSU's campus.  MSU Libraries is actively establishing a notable online presence, and its services are reaching a broader audience than ever before.

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