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Database Portal

The Database Portal is a complete list of MSU Libraries' indexes and databases. Resources are arranged alphabetically and by subject. Research guides related to each topic and the most popular databases are prominently listed.

Off Campus Access to Journals and Databases

Accessing Journals and Databases

The MSU Libraries provide online access to thousands of online journals and databases; however, due to copyright and licensing agreements with vendors and publishers the library can only provide MSU faculty, staff and students access to these resources. Because of these restrictions, authentication methods are in place to prevent non-MSU individuals from accessing the content. The following information provides MSU faculty, staff and students with a means of accessing these resources regardless of where they are located.

Accessing resources from on campus:

Central Authentication Service

Anyone using a computer or device connected to the MSU network (hard wired or wireless network) will be able to seamlessly access any of the library online resources whether they use the library website or not. For example, to use JSTOR the user does not have to go to the library website to gain access to JSTOR if they are using a computer that is connected to the MSU network.


Accessing resources from off campus:


Anyone using a computer or device not connected to the MSU network (i.e. accessing from home) will need to either access the resource through the library's website or use the MSU VPN (virtual private network) service, a secure method of accessing MSU resources. This sets up your computer so that it appears to be on the MSU network. By accessing an online resource through the library website the user will be prompted to enter their Netid/NetPassword when they select a protected service. Once the user authenticates, they will not have to do so again within the same session.

Users can also opt to use the MSU VPN service by downloading the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to their computer. Once installed and setup, the user will be able to activate the VPN client whenever they are using the library resources. For more information on how to install the VPN Service visit http://www.its.msstate.edu/pdfs/MSUVPN.pdf.

New guide to MSU Libraries' mobile resources

The new Mobile Resources research guide is intended to help MSU Libraries users find mobile applications and websites that will help them do research at MSU Libraries, get around campus and enjoy their time at MSU.

The guide includes:

  • Handy icons to denote the type of device each application works with
  • Links to MSU Libraries' mobile apps, including the mobile website, research guides, and library video and audio tours
  • Mobile-optimized databases
  • MSU transit maps
  • MSU Athletics' mobile apps
  • Barcode/QR code scanner apps
  • Apps to help users read ebooks, find new things to read, and catalog their personal libraries
  • And more!

Visit http://guides.library.msstate.edu/mobile to get started!

MSU Libraries Subscribes to SCOPUS

The Mississippi State University Libraries is pleased to announce the addition of Scopus to the list of online resources available through the MSU Libaries website. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research. It's designed to find the information scientists need. Quick, easy and comprehensive, Scopus provides superior support of the literature research process.

To start using Scopus visit the our database portal and select Scopus.

Helpful Resources

New "Discovery Service" Released

Mississippi State University Libraries has chosen EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) from EBSCO Publishing as its discovery tool. The university library was looking to bring all of its resources together under a single search box. EBSCO Discovery Service creates a unified, customized index of an institution's information resources, and an easy, yet powerful means of accessing all of that content from a single search box—searching made even more powerful because of the quality of metadata and depth and breadth of coverage. The EBSCO Discovery Service searches most of the MSU Libraries' major databases as well as the online catalog. Other databases will be added in the near future.

Search EBSCO Discovery

EBSCO Discovery Service offers:
Much deeper & wider indexing than any other discovery solution – In addition to the most comprehensive and robust collection of metadata from the best content sources, EDS also provides full indexing for EBSCOhost databases and other partner databases including Alexander Street Press, LexisNexis, NewsBank, Readex and more.

Everything the researcher needs in one place – By leveraging the fast and familiar EBSCOhost platform, EDS offers a single interface for discovery of a library's entire collection and the powerful features to heighten the research experience.

Full-text searching – EDS offers access to metadata for full-text content, which in turn will yield the most accurate search results.

Fast, simple access to all of the library’s full-text content (electronic and print) – EDS offers a truly integrated one-stop search experience for all of a library's Journals, Magazines, Books, Special Collections, OPAC and more.

Discontinuation of Database Subscriptions

The following list of databases represents resources that were being subscribed to by the MSU Libraries but have very low usage. Because these databases are not being utilized, the Library will be discontinuing these subscriptions as of July 1, 2010.

As a final review of these titles, this list is presented for informational purposes. Should there be a concern for a specific title, Department Heads will need to contact Ms. Patricia Matthes, Interim Associate Dean for Technical Services, in writing or via email (pmatthes@library.msstate.edu) by June 30, 2010.

Should you have questions in regards to other avenues to obtain information previously provided by these resources, please contact one of the Reference Subject Specialists.

Discontinued Database Subscriptions:

  • Architectural Index
  • LexisNexis Statistical Universe
  • Biography and Genealogy Master Index
  • ChoiceReviews.online
  • ComAbstracts
  • Current Index to Statistics
  • Electronics and Communications Abstracts
  • LitFinder
  • Compustat
  • D&B Million Dollar Database

CREDO Reference Content Update

CREDO Reference, one of the 270+ databases available through the MSU Libraries' indexes and databases portal, offers hundreds of online reference materials. These include encyclopedias, factbooks, dictionaries and much more.

Recent content added to CREDO Reference includes:

  • All Things Chaucer: an Encyclopedia of Chaucer"s World (Published by ABC-CLIO and listed in the Literature section)
  • Biogrpahical Dictionary of Transcendentalism (Published by ABC-CLIO and listed in the Philosophy section)
  • Encyclopedia of Human Rights Since 1945 (Published by ABC-CLIO and listed in the Social Sciences section)
  • Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World"s Cultures (Published by Springer and listed in the Medicine section)
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Latino Literature (Published by ABC-CLIO and listed in the Literature section)
  • A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures: Continental Europe and its Empires (Published by Edinburgh University Press and listed in the Literature section)
  • Keywords for American Cultural Studies (Published by New York University Press and listed in the Social Sciences section)

CREDO Reference has also added eight books on American regional culture. The set is published by ABC-Clio and listed in the History subject area. The set includes:

  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Great Plains Region
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Mid-Atlantic Region
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Midwest
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: New England
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Pacific Region
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Rocky Mountain Region
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The South
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Southwest

If you have any questions about using CREDO Reference, be sure to Ask a Librarian for more information!

SciFinder Scholar Web Version Highlights

At the beginning of the fall semester, MSU Libraries released the Web version of SciFinder Scholar, which provides access to Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) databases, including Chemical Abstracts, CAS Registry, CASREACT, CHEMCATS, and CHEMLIST. While we continue providing access to the locally installed client version of the software, we have been exploring the new features of the Web interface of SciFinder, its advantages and disadvantages, in order to better serve our patrons.

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Expanded Access to Mergent Online

Now available through the Mississippi State University Libraries…expanded access to one of the premier financial databases, Mergent Online. Built on the longstanding Moody's financial data sources, Mergent Online provides access to fundamental data on over 50,000 US and International publicly traded companies. Expanded access includes annual reports for over 300,000 companies wordwide, industry reports, executive biographies and institutional holdings and insider transaction data. The MSU Libraries subscription has been expanded to 20 simultaneous users, allowing for greater access to the MSU research community.

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Mississippi State University Libraries is pleased to provide access to the Web version of SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder is a research discovery tool that allows users to explore the CAS databases that contain literature from many scientific disciplines including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science, and more! You can explore one single source for scientific information in journals and patent literature from around the world.

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New Database: Public Affairs Index

Check out the newest addition to the Mississippi State University Libraries' collection of online indexes and databases: Public Affairs Index (PAI). A bibliographic index produced by EBSCO Publishing, PAI indexes and abstracts all aspects of national and global contemporary public policy issues ranging from public health, housing, human and civil rights, educational policy, transportation, economic policy and taxation, and energy.

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