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In order to meet the Libraries' need for a timeclock application without adding a cost, Web Services developed Timeclock, and deployed it throughout the libraries. Other departments on campus have also expressed interest in the application.

Time Clock 2.0 released!

Web Services unveiled a new version of Time Clock today. Among the changes in the new version:

  • Netid/Netpass Authentication – Students and supervisors will now use their Netid and Netpass to clock in/out and login to the time clock supervisor. This is the same password that is used for OnCampus, BOO, and email.
  • Cookies – The time clock no longer uses cookies. The identity of the computer is stored on the server. When a student clocks in/out the time clock checks to see if that computer has access with the server.
  • Work Study – This portion will help supervisors track how much work study a student has remaining. It is important that each semester the supervisor enters the amount of work study for the student into the time clock. When a student has 100.00 or less left in their work study budget the supervisor will be notified via email. When reviewing a student's time you can also see how much money is left.
  • Student Tasks – Tasks can be created by the supervisor and assigned to student workers. When a student clocks in, they will see the task. Once the student has completed the task, they will update that the task has been completed. The supervisor can view what tasks have/haven't been completed.
  • The Look – The time clock has been updated to include the new header and footer. The way the times are displayed have been updated and is easier on the eyes. The navigation menu has been moved to the left.