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New Search Engines

There's a host of new search engines and tools appearing on the web.  The Mississippi State University Libraries will be highlighting some of these  new resources throughout the summer. 

For now, you can check out our news release about two new options:  WolframAlpha and Twine.

2009 Horizon Report, K-12 Edition is Here!

The Horizon Project is a longstanding collaborative project between the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the Educause Learning Inititative.  For the past six years, they have produced the Horizon Report, which focused on the use of technology in higher education.   There is now a K-12 edition, produced by the NMC and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN).  The pdf report, available for free on the web, is a must read for anyone interested in today’s and tomorrow’s technology in the K-12 system.

Six technologies or tends are highlighted in the 2009 report:  collaborative environments, online communication tools, mobiles/mobile computing, cloud computing, smart objects, and the personal web.  Each technology is treated in a different section, with an overview, a discussion of the relevance for the classroom, examples of the technology in practice and resources for futher reading.

Are you blogging?

Libraries of all types have discovered blogging as a way to reach out to their users.  One excellent place to explore library blogs is the Blogging Libraries Wiki. Here you'll find a list of library blogs, including a K-12 list.  If you're a K-12 school library in Mississippi and you have a blog, let us know!

MegaResource School Librarian Workshop


Welcome to our blog! Designed to supplement the information provided by the annual MegaResources School Librarian Workshops, this blog is sponsored by the Mississippi State University Libraries. We hope to provide timely information about resources, websites, and other items of interest to the library media specialists and staff who attend our workshops (and others who might be interested!) So be sure to check back often for the latest info!

Deborah Lee, MegaResources Program Coordinator

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